Giving and receiving

Ten years ago, Pastor Angel and his wife lost their son in a tragic accident. After receiving so much support from their community, Pastor Angel and his wife devoted their lives to giving back. They started a church where they minister to their impoverished congregation. They provide food assistance and homework help to the children.

Along with church duties, Pastor Angel also works 10-hour days in the fields to feed his own family. When COVID hit, Pastor Angel lost his job. He was unable to pay the rent on their home, and had to move out. When this happened, the family began sleeping on the mud floor of their church.

Pastor Angel and his wife.

With all these obstacles Pastor Angel’s family was facing, God answered their prayers in the details and timing. The need for a home for Pastor Angels’ family was shared with Buy One Build One, after much giving, it was time once again for Pastor Angel and his family to receive. Today they have a home where they are able to rest when not serving at their church and looking forward to the opportunities to work again.

Pastor Angel and his family now have a brand new house to sleep in.

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