God always provides

Adrian and his family in front of their home.

Adrian, his wife, Ciprian, and two kids, Gabriela, and Josue, lived in a Sunday School room at their church where he traded off a place to live for night guard duties. They also cared for both of their elderly parents. They are extremely poor and had no hope for a home. The church gave them notice that the room was no longer going to be available. They had saved up some money, but not anything near enough for a home. They were desperate. God had a plan with all these circumstances that were laid before them.  Buy One Build One was notified and it was not long after that a home was being built for Adrian and Ciprian’s family. They chose to add their savings on top of the Buy One Build One funding which then resulted in a beautiful home built for them.

Adrian, Ciprian, Gabriela, and Josue.

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