On solid ground

In March of 2020, the Xinic family found themselves, or so they thought, on solid ground. Mario had steady work in the fields, Kimberly, his wife, and the mother of their three children, had found employment cleaning houses and working weekends at a factory cleaning vegetables. Compared to many other families in their village, the Xinics were “living large!”

In 2020, about the same time COVID entered the picture, Mario, Kimberly’s husband suddenly dropped dead of a heart attack. The country was shut down, Kimberly lost both jobs and the ability to pay their rent for their home. That solid ground turned into quicksand. They were sinking fast.

The remaining family was thrown out into the street. Thankfully, a relative living nearby, reminded Kimberly that she legally owned a small piece of “solid ground.” Unfortunately, that is all it was! It was an empty piece of property, owned by her family who had no money and no hope of building anything on it.

That is when Buy One Build One stepped in, and built a new home for the Xinic Family. A home with a lock on the door for security, a water filter, and a roof that does not leak. This was all funded by people who care and constructed by her fellow Guatemalans. Kimberly’s one piece of solid ground became a home. Buy One Build One does not just build homes, it builds lives.

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