Simple life, simple wishes

During their five-year marriage, Reina and Alex have kept their wishes very simple. Alex was always wishing for more work. Two or three days a week he was working in the field at $3 a day which didn’t put enough food on the table at times. They lived in a home made of corn stalks, tin, and plastic as pictured below.

Reina and Alex’s home before Buy One Build One.

Like most couples living way under the poverty line, they did not have much, but were thankful for what they did have and wanted a family. They had been praying for a child. It took several years for Deisy to come into this world. All they wanted was to provide a good life for their beautiful daughter, nothing fancy, just the basics. Basics like food, clothing, and a warm, dry room and bed to sleep on inside of it.

Alex, Reina, and Deisy in front of their brand new home.

Their eyes were anything but dry while watching their new home being built. The home Deisy and her parents share is a testament to God’s love. Thanks to Buy One Build One, their wishes have come true and they are now able to raise their daughter in a safe environment and give her a good life.

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