A Project of Restoration for Anna Ajin’s Family

Thanks to this project, Anna Ajin and her family were able to restore their home to a safe and habitable condition after the devastating fireworks explosion in Guatemala. The support received brought much-needed relief and stability to their lives, helping them move forward from the tragic incident.

Independent Missionary Network

IMN is the result of a vision of its founder Keith Brutout, who has been led by the Lord to reach out to a cross-culture ministry. We exist to help  Missionaries develop relationships that make Christ Known, demonstrate the Love of God, and bring the Gospel to all people groups.

Keith and his wife, Dawn work to support the missionaries of IMN and their calling from God into ministry. We believe that we are not sending missionaries into the mission field, but following and helping them with what and where they have been called to do by God. We believe that God calls each one of us and IMN comes alongside to help with their calling.