About Buy One Build One.

From Guatemala to Southeast Asia, Buy One Build One is helping create safe, well-constructed homes and services that change lives. Founded by Jonathan Smith, owner of Brush Arbor Home Construction, the program partners with organizations and programs throughout the world to provide shelter and nurture for families, children, and widows.

“My hope is that people will see how few resources it takes to make life-changing differences, and that all of us will enjoy the heartfelt blessing of turning a life around.”

—Jonathan Smith, founder, Buy One Build One

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Birthing Center

In Guatemala, many women give birth in their homes. And if complications arise, there isn’t always a caregiver available to help.

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A home for Mrs. Virginia

Maria Virginia's new home built in Antigua, Guatemala provides a safe and solid place to live.

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Homes for the Pena and Martinez Families

In partnership with Loving with Mercy Ministry, two homes were built in El Salvador.

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A home for Esteri Kenyi

Esteri Kenyi, her 6 children, and 2 grandchildren, moved into their new home.

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Building homes and managing a business are incredibly time consuming, but builders everywhere can easily participate in Buy One Build One and help improve the lives of others. If you make a donation , Buy One Build One will allocate your contribution and share stories and photos of the people you help. And you can link to this site on your company’s site to spread the word and get your customers involved too.


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