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From Guatemala to Southeast Asia.

Stories that Inspire


Webster defines “sustenance” as “the maintaining of someone or something in life or existence.” Four-year-old Juan would not be able to tell you the definition of “sustenance,” but he would let you know when he was not getting it. One of the problems that stood in the way of Juan getting the food he needed […]

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New birthing center helps women and children

A new birthing center in Escuintla, Guatemala, gives women in this poverty-stricken community access to free prenatal care and safe, reliable birth services.

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Peace despite challenges

Back in the day when Alfredo and Silvia were newlyweds, life was comfortable. Alfredo was able to provide a decent living for them. Alfredo was experienced in construction and his business was successful at the time as well. There was always building projects to be done, so work was constant. Then, the kids came and […]

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A great blessing through a catastrophe

On June 3, 2018, Guatemala experienced a catastrophic series of eruptions from the Fuego volcano. It was Guatemala’s most severe volcanic eruption in 45 years. The eruption came with little warning, leaving almost no evacuation time and resulting in the deaths of nearly 200 people. The Muj family were among those affected, losing both their […]

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“My hope is that people will see how few resources it takes to make life-changing differences, and that all of us will enjoy the heartfelt blessing of turning a life around.”

Jonathan Smith founder, Buy One Build One

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A Special Opportunity for Builders

Building homes and managing a business are incredibly time consuming, but builders everywhere can easily participate in Buy One Build One and help improve the lives of others. If you make a donation , Buy One Build One will allocate your contribution and share stories and photos of the people you help. And you can link to this site on your company