Against All Odds: Lesvia’s Journey from Adversity to a Safe Home

Lesvia, a 31-year-old single mother of 3 children, is the 2nd child of 4 in her family. Although her parents are still married and together, both struggle with alcoholism. Lesvia completed the 9th grade and began career classes (10th grade), but had to drop out of school to take care of her siblings. The youngest brother, who is 13 years old, suffers from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Lesvia took on the responsibility of caring for him and ensuring he was fed. Due to her parents’ addiction and lack of employment, they were unable to provide support for Lesvia and her siblings, let alone pay for her education.

At the age of 19, Lesvia became a mother to her daughter, Diana. She started working and hoped to continue her career classes. However, when Diana turned 1 year old, she required surgery to remove a bone mass from her throat. The cost of the procedure depleted Lesvia’s savings and shattered her hopes of continuing her education. Without a high school certificate, finding employment, even at places like McDonald’s, became virtually impossible.

One year later, Lesvia needed surgery to remove her gallbladder. After the surgery, she had to work to support her family, including her two younger brothers. However, her malnourished and weak condition, weighing only 87 pounds, made it incredibly challenging for her.

Seven years later, Lesvia gave birth to her second child, Jacob, who experienced major seizures and other medical issues at a young age. The medical expenses quickly accumulated, including examinations, tests, and medications. Lesvia felt trapped, having to choose between her son’s life and the mounting debt. Desperate for financial assistance, she borrowed money from men who turned out to be loan sharks, constantly increasing the amounts owed and resorting to threats and intimidation.

Throughout this challenging journey, Lesvia yearned for a safe home for her family. Her third child, Moses, was born within the last year. Although Moses’ father initially had no involvement, he has recently started working to help with bills and caring for Moses. Lesvia now works at her Pastor’s family bakery, selling bread, while Moses’ father works in the fields, assisting with crops on a seasonal basis.

Lesvia experienced a life-changing encounter with Jesus and found salvation through prayer when her son Jacob’s condition improved. Despite doctors’ initial prognosis that surgery was necessary for Jacob’s survival, Lesvia turned to the church and the power of prayer instead of borrowing more money.

Thanks to the incredible support, a home was built for Lesvia and her family. The home is slightly larger than usual, connected to a shared bathroom within the courtyard of an extended family. Overwhelmed with gratitude and tears of joy, Lesvia now has a safe and dry home for her children.

Hope For Home Ministries

The plight of orphans and children with special needs in developing countries is desperate. A lack of resources for even the healthy means that these little ones are left with what few crumbs may fall from the table. Many languish in substandard orphanages and institutions while others are allowed to die. But there is hope…the Church of Jesus Christ.

Hope for Home Ministries exists to bring glory to Jesus by caring for orphans and children with special needs in developing countries. Our multi-faceted approach to needs provides support to families who want to care for their children and provides homes when that is not possible.