Partnering with Ripe For Harvest: Providing the Sanchez Family with a New Home

Raul Sanchez Lopez, 28 years old, and his wife, Virginia Fernandez Alba, 26 years old, have two children: Alejandro (7 years old) and Nicol (3 years old). Previously, the family lived in various countryside locations where Raul assisted his parents with potato farming. In search of better economic opportunities, the couple decided to move to the city. There, they shared a small, three-room home with two other families, totaling nine people in cramped quarters. The living conditions were uncomfortable, especially for the children, with many restrictions. Raul works as a driver and also crafts whiteboards to save money. Despite their efforts, they lacked sufficient funds to build their own house. Thankfully, Brush Arbor partnered with the Holmans and Ripe for Harvest, providing the necessary funds to construct a home for Raul’s family. They are thrilled and grateful to finally have a place they can call their own.

Ripe For Harvest: A Missions Partner

Founded in 1979, Ripe for Harvest is a network that empowers and equips over 200leaders for Christian missions mobilization worldwide. These partners labor in diverse and unique contexts, each with a particular passion and calling to change lives by bringing hope and help to those in need. Through Buy One Build One, Brush ArborHomes has invested in a home building outreach in Bolivia. Over 70% of the population in Bolivia lives in poverty. It is estimated that nearly half live on less than $2.00 a day.The team on the ground, led by my friend Joe Holman, shared with us an opportunity to help this precious family facing unprecedented hardship.