Providing a Home For Pastor Simon Soto

This is pastor Simon Soto (26 years old), and his wife Milenka Qena. (26 years old). When both graduated from school, they went to study in a bible institute. They got married two years ago, and lived in a small house with Milenka ́s mom. After saving money for almost two years, they purchased land with the dream of building a house someday. Considering the salary they have from the church, saving enough for a house could take a dozen or more years. Brush Arbor has provided a home, so this couple can continue their ministry among the poor Quechua.

Ripe For Harvest: A Missions Partner

Founded in 1979, Ripe for Harvest is a network that empowers and equips over 200leaders for Christian missions mobilization worldwide. These partners labor in diverse and unique contexts, each with a particular passion and calling to change lives by bringing hope and help to those in need. Through Buy One Build One, Brush ArborHomes has invested in a home building outreach in Bolivia. Over 70% of the population in Bolivia lives in poverty. It is estimated that nearly half live on less than $2.00 a day.The team on the ground, led by my friend Joe Holman, shared with us an opportunity to help this precious family facing unprecedented hardship.