Rising From the Ashes: Reconstructing Homes in Post-Eruption Guatemala

On June 3, 2018, Guatemala experienced a catastrophic series of eruptions from the Fuego volcano. This was Guatemala’s most severe volcanic eruption in 45 years. The eruption came with little warning, leaving almost no evacuation time and resulting in the deaths of nearly 200 people and the destruction of nearly 1,000 homes. BUYONE BUILDONE was able to partner with Hope for Home Ministries to quickly rebuild several homes for some of those who were displaced.The outdoor kitchens typical in this area can be quite unsafe with creosote build-up, so we made sure the new homes were equipped with low-smoke, high-efficiency wood stoves. Enclosed is a photo of one of the recipient families, along with some photos during construction.

Ever since Hope for Home’s opened a village for children with special needs in Liberia, a large number of children have been brought to them in desperate shape. Due to the culture there, many people see children with special needs as being demons, and often they are murdered or allowed to starve. The Hope for Home team in Liberia keeps encountering families who are abusing or allowing their children to die. So they take them in. As a result, the village is growing. With BUYONE BUILDONE funds, Hope for Home was able to build a second group home in order to receive even more children. They were also able to build a kitchen and a therapy/education center.

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