Uniting Families: Carpenters for Christ’s Mission of Keeping Loved Ones Together

Marvin and Suyapa are a young couple with a 9-year-old daughter. They lived in a house with their entire family of about 16 family members.The young couple’s relationship was unhealthy due to the amount of family members that they lived with.

During the Pandemic Marvin lost his job. He was given as mall severance and with that, he was able to purchase some land, however it was not enough to build a home. Marvin wanted to go to the US illegally to work and make enough money to build a home for his family. It is hard to know that a father would leave his family to offer them a better future. Carpenters for Christ heard about their situation and thought they were good candidates for this mission.

Thank you “BUYONE BUILDONE.” The father is at home, with his wife and he is still in his country. We build houses, but also families and answer prayer through construction.

Carpenters for Christ: Meet Jonathan Rivas

Far Reaching Ministries provides humanitarian resources relief to the poor and persecuted people in various nations throughout the world. It’s mission is to rescue and prevent the suffering and exploitation of vulnerable communities by assisting to rebuild lives after facing religious persecution, violence, ethnic cleansing, rape, abduction, torture, and humanitarian crises caused by civil war. Far Reaching Ministries serves the afflicted, the starving, those enslaved by human traffickers, the ill or dying by bringing aid for their physical needs, but most importantly, fulfilling their spiritual needs.