A woman of few words and fewer possessions

When asked about the difficulty of raising two children on little income, Bartola had very little to say. Since her husband was sent to jail three years ago, she strives to keep her words and emotions under control, although at times she deals with anger. The anger was brought on by being dirt poor with very little work, living in a disgustingly dirty house with a leaky roof and no furniture inside; as well as, sending her two boys, Carlos and Alex, off to a feeding center run by a local ministry, barefoot. Sometimes Bartola travels with her boys to that feeding center to volunteer feeding those less fortunate. As hard as all of that is to believe, Bartola is a woman of strong beliefs. She believes that God loves her and has a purpose for her family and that things will get better. That belief was validated when her new home was built.

When asked how she felt about her new home, she stared at the ground and dragged her toes through the dirt. She had nothing to say, she did not have the words, at the time. The tears flowing down her cheeks said it all. Buy One Build One was truly able to change Bartola and her family’s life forever.

Bartola and her children in front of their brand new home thanks to Buy One Build One.

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