Homes for the Pena and Martinez Families

Buy One Build One helped to build homes for two families in need in El Salvador.

First, the Pena family, Marcos and Laura and their four children, Lorena (12), Marcos, (10) Esau (7) and Maria (1 month) were living in a structure with no running water and only 1 light bulb.

In partnership with Loving with Mercy Ministry, Buy One Build One paid for a new home to be built for the family.

The Pena family in front of their new home with lights and running water.

In addition, the Martinez family, Pastor Santos, his wife Lydia and their two children, Lydia (10) and Vladimir (8), were living in terrible conditions. Now, thanks to Buy One Build One, they now have a home with a concrete floor and a roof over their heads.

The Martinez family in front of their new home.

If you would like to contribute to Loving with Mercy Ministry, send a donation to the address below.

Loving with Mercy Ministries Missionaries for El Salvador
15661 Oak Drive
Kerman, CA 93630

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