New birthing center helps women and children

In Guatemala, many women give birth in their homes. And if complications arise, there isn’t always a caregiver available to help. That’s why Buy One Build One is so proud to have funded a new birthing center hospital in Escuintla, near Guatemala City.

Before the birthing center was built, options for pregnant women in Escuintla were limited: a home birth with traditional Mayan midwives (both in their 70s and not always reliable) or birth in the national hospital, where women are rushed through labor and C-sections for the convenience of the doctors was risky. Many babies have suffered birth defects and other challenges as a result of inadequate medical care during pregnancy and delivery.



With the birthing center now up and running, pregnant women can receive free maternity visits, prenatal education and birth services in a safe, clean, and trustworthy facility. 


Women now have a place to go for hope, where they are treated with respect. The line of women waiting to give birth grows each day, and discussions of expansion are already underway!


In a community where little hope can be found, the birthing center has given new life to the people living there!

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