Peace despite challenges

The Guzman family in front of their old home.

Back in the day when Alfredo and Silvia were newlyweds, life was comfortable. Alfredo was able to provide a decent living for them. Alfredo was experienced in construction and his business was successful at the time as well. There was always building projects to be done, so work was constant. Then, the kids came and their family grew. Their son, Edwin, was diagnosed with Epilepsy which made most of Alfredo’s paycheck go towards buying medicine. Despite all these challenges, they lived a peaceful life for the next fifteen years. It was not easy, but it was tolerable. Then in 2020, COVID came, and the building industry stopped, and so did Alfredo’s paychecks. The entire Guzman family, including their granddaughter, found themselves on the street. They wandered from one house to the next, paying rent as they could until their money completely ran out. Then came the word from their landlord that they had one week to gather their belonging and vacate their rental house. As they were gathering up what little they had, word came that an organization called, Buy One Build One, was going to provide them a permanent house into which they could call home. That is when Alfredo realized the building had not stopped after all. That is when the Guzman family could dig in and work their way out of this trial as a family.


The Guzman family are excited about their new home.
The setting of the new home.

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