Together again

The tragedy of the thousands of lives lost from the volcanic eruption in Guatemala in June 2018 was horrible enough, but the after-effects of the lives torn apart continues to this day. Before that deadly mix of ash, rock, and gas flowed down to their village of Los Rotes, the Sarmoles family lived together, an extended family of thirty-seven people. On June 3, 2018, that ended. Their family home and their life together ended abruptly.

Volcano Fuego in the background of what used to be Ceferino’s family home.

The next day Ceferino and his family found themselves pulled apart. Since that day, this single father has been living on the street, his daughters living in a relief center. His wife left the three of them when the going got too tough. Today that separation ended abruptly. It ended when on a small patch of land in the village of Alotenango a new house was built. It ended when the Guatemalan workers put this home and his family back together again. It ended when people back in North America saw a need and did something about it. A partnership between Foundation for the Higher Good and Buy One Build One was not only able to provide a home but also bring a family back together.

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